August 26, 2014

The Ice Age

Beginning to tire of the phrase ‘Thanks for the nomination’? I have just the thing! An article talking about the thing that everyone is talking about. I attempted to procrastinate while writing about the Ice Bucket Challenge but it was kind of hard when it dominated every item on my News Feed. So, another viral […]


August 16, 2014

Packing for the Picnic?

Only one weekend left, ticket holders! Anyone heading to the sold-out festival must surely be packing their picnic baskets at this stage, so while you’re trying to squeeze the last naggin in, spare a thought for your own personal line-up. As I shall not be in attendance at Stradbally, I can only give you my […]


August 12, 2014

Actor, Childhood Friend, Genie

Upon agreeing to write this piece, I was as yet blissfully unaware of the passing of the great Robin Williams. That’s what happens when you decide to recklessly sleep while social media buzzes on. Countless articles have since cropped up focusing on the circumstances surrounding his death and his enduring struggle with depression. For now, […]