October 30, 2014

Damn, Who’s a Sexy Witch?

So it’s that time of year again, folks. (And for the love of sweet baby Jesus, I don’t mean Christmas. NOT YET.) The witching week is upon us and adolescent girls all over the country are making a very important decision: Playboy bunny or rotting zombie? Ever since we decided we could extend the Hallowe’en […]


October 20, 2014

How Tequila Hangover

Roll over. Turn off alarm clock. Sit up straight. Oh, I actually don’t feel that terrib- OH DEAR GOD I’M GOING TO DIE IN THIS BED. And I have work in less than an hour. How can I go to work, when I have already died? Catch sight of zombie self in mirror. Attempt to […]


October 14, 2014

The Lure of Lucerne

If you’ve never been to the land of cheese and chocolate, then you are truly missing out. Switzerland is hands down the most scenic place I’ve ever visited and the city of Lucerne is top of the list. Having lived in Geneva for three months, I decided to visit the German speaking region of the […]


October 14, 2014

Stand Clear, Luggage Doors Operate

You know the feeling. You’re checking your watch more than the White Rabbit and silently cursing yourself for once again placing your faith in Bus Éireann. While our innate Irishness is what makes us endearingly unique, it’s times like these that the lackadaisical attitude begins to grate. We can forgive the odd few minutes of […]


October 7, 2014

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

“Fierce nip in the air, isn’t there? That’s it now, that’s the end of summer.” Said every pensioner ever this week. We continue to be fascinated by the phenomenon that is weather year after year despite the cyclical nature of sunshine and rain remaining consistent since the dawn of time. You can see why people […]


October 4, 2014

Love/Love TV

From time to time, I do dabble in some television that I am not deathly ashamed to proclaim my love for… Sherlock In an age of technology based crime shows such as Criminal Minds and CSI, it is refreshing to see a throwback to a past era where detectives relied solely on brainpower to solve […]