March 17, 2015

Licence to Kill: The Theory Test

“It’s a pity you have to take the bus back to Cork, Shelly. If only you could drive!” Thanks, everyone. Duly noted. You may have previously read about my inability to drive and lack of desire to do so. I am a proud passenger of public transport despite its tardiness and persistent attempts to break […]


March 10, 2015

Republic of Bad Telly

As the evenings are still too dark and the weather warnings too prevalent, most of our weekends are still spent cooped up inside watching television. At least, mine are. Are people actually going out?! I flicked onto The Voice UK the other night, and was glued to it for the next hour. The judges were […]


March 3, 2015

Land of the Lost

Not since Famine Ireland has there been such mass exodus from the island to lands of seemingly better opportunities. Despite a general improvement in recent years, stunning views and an abundance of potatoes, young people continue to emigrate overseas. Countries like the United Arab Emirates have lured our best homies with their sexy climates and […]