April 28, 2015

Get A Room!

Last week, I had the pleasure of boarding a Ryanair flight (I am one of those delightful people that lambasts the airline on a daily basis and persists in funding their business). But the worst thing wasn’t the herding of passengers or ridiculous flight time; it was the allocated seating that led me to an […]


April 16, 2015

23 and Not Pregnant

An ease in recession and revival of monetary fortunes usually leads to an influx of pregnant bellies. That, and a cold winter waiting for Orange is the New Black to return. Once upon a time, we would be blissfully unaware of the baby boom happening under our noses but thanks to Facebook, we are left […]


April 12, 2015

Time To Say Good Riddance

We live in a cyclical world where seasons are ever-changing and patterns are repeating. We recycle everything from cardboard to old jokes. We see this echoed primarily in the film industry, to the detriment of scriptwriting morals and high standards. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, take a bow. But there comes a time, (take note, […]