May 26, 2015

The Weaker Sex?

Self-defence. Hands up who thinks this should have been a module in P.E. instead of lap-running? There would have been fewer sick notes and complaints about cramps if this was on the curriculum. Women are usually classed as the fairer or weaker sex, pigeon-holing them into a category where they exist only to look pretty […]


May 19, 2015

ABBAsolutely Fabulous

Can you hear the drums, Fernando? Eurovision fever is upon us! In these past few years, it seems more like a competition for Dancing Queens than songwriters. We have come a long way from a teenage Dana warbling about kittens and raindrops on roses; nowadays it is feast for the eyes as well as the […]


May 12, 2015

A Vote For Your Brother

You will have heard a lot of debate in the past few months, from family households to national television on the upcoming Marriage Referendum on May 22nd. At this stage, it is important to rid ourselves of preconditioned notions and look at the facts. People are saying this is not an equality issue because no-one […]