September 29, 2015

Parental Advisory: Technological Content

Our parents have given us everything; from manners to mannerisms. In fact, they ruled the roost until the Age of Technology dawned and the roles were rapidly reversed. When it comes to adapting to a world run by devices, we have become the primary caregivers. Just as they helped us with counting apples, now we […]


September 22, 2015

Fat Cows and Skinny Bitches

People need to get over their obsession with body shaming. Nicole Arbour, a Canadian vlogger and comedian, recently posted a video called ‘Dear Fat People’ in which she pokes fun at the obesity epidemic in North America. Her satirical piece was razor sharp and harsh, and has attracted serious criticism from some offended parties who […]


September 15, 2015

Life In Plastic

So apparently now the world revolves around Kylie Jenner’s lips. Newsfeeds are peppered with Kardashian trout pouts and the worst thing is, they are presented as images to aspire to, or ‘life goals’. I cannot understand the willingness to go under the knife for the sake of a smoother face or bouncier boobs. This isn’t […]


September 8, 2015

Keep Calm and Move House

Once upon a time, a girl was searching for her perfect abode. She was told by a wise old man that she would need to offer the housing gods a solid bar of gold, her first-born child and the blood of five male pigs. She would also need to battle a thousand evil witches who […]