August 29, 2016

25 Going On 15: A Day in the Life

Alarm goes off at 8.30am. Snooze. 9am. Snooze. 9.30am. Snooze. 10am. Snooze. Wake up at 10.30am. Stay in bed scrolling through Facebook until 11.15am. Drag self up. Draw on eyebrows. Consider career as make-up artist. Forage for breakfast. Have a biscuit while deciding what healthy breakfast to have. Blend smoothie. Pride self on healthy breakfast […]


August 12, 2016

Licence To Kill: Parental Guidance

Welcome back to my ongoing tale of woe, dear friends. If you have not been following, I am have been in an on/off relationship with my provisional driving licence for about a year now. As I am currently living at home, the option of driving the maternal car arose. A thirteen year old car with […]