July 12, 2014

Beauty is in the Eye of the Mac Holder

Welcome to puberty, girls! Time to strip you of that charming disregard for your physical appearance and imbue you with a sense of embarrassment and self-disgust. That carefree childhood game of dress-up has now become a daily chore you must endure lest you feel like Shrek all day long.

Appearances can be deceiving and that is something we certainly aim to achieve. Society teaches us that more is more and when it comes to femininity, looks are everything. Teenagers nowadays are encouraged to beautify themselves to the level of streetwalker. Meanwhile, the older lady must either content herself with being viewed as a senile grandmother or opt for the plastic I’m-on-a-rollercoaster facelift.

We can’t help it. We are bombarded with negative messages on a daily basis from the media and beauty magazines are the chief culprit.

‘Wear this new nail colour to nab that hottie!’
‘Have him lusting after your luscious lips with this latest shade!’
‘Make him say yes to soft, supple legs today!’

SERIOUSLY. Who talks like this? Are we still in the Bliss magazine era? Many of these publications are headed by seemingly smart and independent women, so why do they choose to address their readership as vain bimbos? Have we not progressed a little further than the ads of the 1950’s that portrayed women as submissive idiots, existing only as pretty parrots to perch on male shoulders?

Women recently took to Facebook in their droves to post their No Make Up Selfies and show the world that they are indeed, still recognisable as their former selves. What I found overwhelmingly prevalent however, was the use of strategic lighting, veiling hairstyles and in some cases, sneaky eyeliner. Why, even in the name of charity, do we still feel the need to shelter the male population from the naked face?

I recently read an interesting piece on the way men respond to girls’ Tinder profiles. The findings were that men were more intrigued in befriending the bare-faced girl whilst preying on the powdered version of her. You can read it for yourself here. It begs the glaring question that if our perfectly arched eyebrows are only luring in a certain type of scumbag, then why all the fuss?

Of course, I’m not suggesting a bonfire of the make-up bags. I don’t consider myself a girly girl but I rarely leave the house without a slick of definition over the ole peepers. And if facial artistry is a passion of yours, I encourage you to enjoy it to its fullest. I do believe that a girl armed with an overflowing bag of Mac products has every right to deplore the societal pressure as much as I have. My only stipulation is that every female should not be classed into two groups: the pretty girls and the ones who don’t know what primer is.

Anyway, as someone who once replaced an entire make-up bag in Penney’s for a tenner, I feel I’ve set the bar fairly low. General rule: If it doesn’t make your eyes bleed, it’s a keeper!