August 29, 2016

25 Going On 15: A Day in the Life

Alarm goes off at 8.30am. Snooze. 9am. Snooze. 9.30am. Snooze. 10am. Snooze. Wake up at 10.30am. Stay in bed scrolling through Facebook until 11.15am. Drag self up. Draw on eyebrows. Consider career as make-up artist. Forage for breakfast. Have a biscuit while deciding what healthy breakfast to have. Blend smoothie. Pride self on healthy breakfast […]


July 28, 2016

25 Going On 15: Return of the BraceFace

You know that sense of déjà vu you sometimes get? It might be the scent of aftershave that wafts through your nostril and emanates through your very core, reminding you of some intangible memory from your past. Or it might be the dentist ramming a hunk of cold putty into your gob to make your […]


July 2, 2016

25 Going On 15: Adjustment

Last month, I turned 25. I had a job, an apartment and a social life. Now, I am unemployed, living with my parents and watching more than one episode of Tipping Point a day. Yesterday, the only item on my to-do list was paint my toenails. Welcome to the millennial lifestyle. As I unpacked my […]