repeal the 8th mural

April 30, 2018

Why I changed my mind about #Repeal

When I was in first year of college, I joined a pro-life group. It was Socs Day and I signed up without a second thought. I was studying human rights at the time and I thought this would be in keeping with those beliefs. The right to life? No-brainer. I’m against the death penalty, so […]


September 22, 2015

Fat Cows and Skinny Bitches

People need to get over their obsession with body shaming. Nicole Arbour, a Canadian vlogger and comedian, recently posted a video called ‘Dear Fat People’ in which she pokes fun at the obesity epidemic in North America. Her satirical piece was razor sharp and harsh, and has attracted serious criticism from some offended parties who […]


August 22, 2015

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Whether you’re trudging through the puppy fat stage or moping in teen apathy, one would be correct in saying that childhood is pretty miserable. Kids have enough to deal with trying to avoid cyber bullies and pretend all their clothes are proper labels and not the Penney’s brand (anyone remember the O’Neill’s vs. Dunlop struggle?) […]


August 18, 2015

The Season of Gradzilla

Now that the CAO has made its first-round offers, the time has come for Leaving Cert graduates to focus on the truly important decisions…like what to wear for grad night. There’s nothing worse than finding your perfect dress for €520 and realising your budget for dress, shoes, and bag is €200. Frugality is a virtue […]


August 4, 2015

GAA for Dummies

BA BA BA BA BABA BA…with the right inflection, you’ll see I’m trying to print the theme tune of the Sunday Game. The soundtrack of the GAA conjures up memories of newspapers flittered everywhere, the lingering smell of roast chicken, and Mama Bear studying the Mass leaflet with great intent. Unabashed by my failed efforts […]


July 20, 2015

What’s In a Name?

Debate has been rife lately over the age-old practice of adopting the male surname. In a world that grows ever more liberal and politically correct, women are struggling with how to define themselves once they get hitched. Is this lingering tradition a universally recognised symbol of family, or is it just patriarchal poppycock? It begs […]


May 19, 2015

ABBAsolutely Fabulous

Can you hear the drums, Fernando? Eurovision fever is upon us! In these past few years, it seems more like a competition for Dancing Queens than songwriters. We have come a long way from a teenage Dana warbling about kittens and raindrops on roses; nowadays it is feast for the eyes as well as the […]


May 12, 2015

A Vote For Your Brother

You will have heard a lot of debate in the past few months, from family households to national television on the upcoming Marriage Referendum on May 22nd. At this stage, it is important to rid ourselves of preconditioned notions and look at the facts. People are saying this is not an equality issue because no-one […]


February 24, 2015

The End of an Era?

This week, Sligo follows suit and takes part in the age-old tradition of RAG week whereby students gather to donate their time and effort to needy causes. That is, if the time is donated to shifting competitions and the needy cause is that weird guy from your English seminar. Instead of raising a grand for […]


February 17, 2015

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

Six weeks into 2015, we have already sidestepped the issue of our failed resolutions and moved on to the imminent inquisition; ‘What are you giving up for Lent?’ I recently made my opinions on the futility of such hasty promises quite clear, but there’s something about the grand Irish tradition of Lent that seems a […]

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