March 31, 2018

Antisocial Áine or Basic Brenda?

Ah, social media. We’re all swimming in the sick, sick sea of social media. And where would we be without it? Sure, a lot happier, more productive and rid of the crushing ineptitude we feel when we compare ourselves to those who seem funnier/smarter/fitter/prettier than us, but hey. We do also have memes. I HAVE […]


February 28, 2018

Oh hey there fellow kids, where do you go to club?

So … where do the cool kids hang out these days? I found myself asking a younger, cooler colleague this very question recently because guess what? When you’re 26 years and 9 months old (the ripe old age for a quarter-life crisis, I’m told), your finger is no longer on the pulse of the hottest […]

mean girls

January 22, 2018

Fatpants are all that fits me right now

Welcome to the new year, you fat pig. Thanks to your inability to control yourself over the festive period, you are now five pounds heavier and, frankly, a disgusting shell of a human being. (The January ads are a lot crueller than the pre-Christmas ones, aren’t they?) Anyway, if you, like me, are feeling more […]


February 15, 2016

Period Club

Macho guys and squeamish girls, look away now. I’m talking about something that happens once a month to half of the population and yet I still feel like I’m a member of some twisted secret society. First rule of Period Club: Do not talk about Period Club. We are essentially bleeding for a quarter of […]


December 8, 2015

‘Tis the Season to be Jiggly

If one more person talks to me about getting into shape for Christmas, I shall scream. For the entire span of November and December, we seem to have a ticking countdown clock to The Big Day where all our hard work will have culminated into a sleek physique in a sexy Christmas cardigan. Crash course […]


November 17, 2015

I Hate Cooking

Following on from last week’s rant, I’d like to tackle another assumption that is widely believed about the female population. I hereby debunk the theory that all women love to cook. We’ve come a long way since the Stepford wife stereotype that we all love to don an apron and whip up a meal for […]


November 10, 2015

I Hate Shopping

As we will shortly be heading into the season of commercialism and excessive spending, I’d like to take this time to reject a massive female stereotype and make a bold confession: I hate shopping. While I love having new clothes, the act of buying them, for me, is tantamount to torture. I don’t understand the […]


October 20, 2015

Eat. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.

Once upon a time, I drank a little wine…and managed to STAY AWAKE. These past few years, however, my ability to keep consciousness has deteriorated rapidly. Sure, I’ve had the occasional nap in a toilet cubicle in my teenage years but lately I have been chronically drowsy to the point of zombie in a pub […]

coffee 2

October 13, 2015

Espresso Yourself

I remember my first cup of proper coffee like it was yesterday. It was a simple Americano but I embraced that mahogany sultan as if it were a new-born child, thankful for every decision that had led me to that moment. It was a mind-blowing experience, like an LSD hallucination of Beatles’ proportions. I got […]


October 6, 2015

Netflix and …Chill?

At the risk of sounding far more mature than my 24 years, it seems to me that staying in really is the new going out. Bar the bi-annual nightclub appointment, most of my Friday and Saturday nights are spent in front of the television. My excuses include: I work weekends. S.O. is away gigging with […]

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