October 14, 2014

The Lure of Lucerne

If you’ve never been to the land of cheese and chocolate, then you are truly missing out. Switzerland is hands down the most scenic place I’ve ever visited and the city of Lucerne is top of the list. Having lived in Geneva for three months, I decided to visit the German speaking region of the […]


July 27, 2014

The Prodigal Sun

Welcome back, summer! God how I’ve missed you…I think…although, you do seem a little hotter than usual. And was it always this…sticky? Every year, the exact same phenomenon. You embrace the sunshine and bask in all its lustrous glory…for about ten minutes. And then you realise how much you hate the sun. And how ill […]


July 12, 2014

Beauty is in the Eye of the Mac Holder

Welcome to puberty, girls! Time to strip you of that charming disregard for your physical appearance and imbue you with a sense of embarrassment and self-disgust. That carefree childhood game of dress-up has now become a daily chore you must endure lest you feel like Shrek all day long. Appearances can be deceiving and that […]


July 4, 2014

Run Fat Girl, Run

Anyone’s news feed beginning to look a little like this?: Friday: Your fit friend is fundraising for their third marathon! Saturday: All of your remaining friends and acquaintances are preparing for a 10k! Sunday: A local pig has just completed his first 5k. That’s right, everyone but YOU. Before I go any further, I wish […]


June 26, 2014

Red Red Wine

Age 17: This tastes like metal, why does anyone drink this? Age 23: This crimson elixir is flowing through my veins like oxygen. A relationship with red wine is like the one you have with a terribly cheesy song; you cannot stand it at first and then suddenly it’s all you need and love in the world. Never […]

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