October 4, 2014

Love/Love TV

From time to time, I do dabble in some television that I am not deathly ashamed to proclaim my love for…

In an age of technology based crime shows such as Criminal Minds and CSI, it is refreshing to see a throwback to a past era where detectives relied solely on brainpower to solve their mysteries. Sherlock is a slick, updated version of the classic series penned by Arthur Conan Doyle and arguably superior to its peers (no offence, Robert Downey Jr.) It manages to successfully blend old-school appeal with contemporary touches such as text message pop-ups and a fast-paced modern London background.

The episodes are 90 minutes long so each viewing is like an independent movie, so be prepared with the popcorn. Furthermore, the script is laden with so many intricacies, that it is impossible to turn away for even a second, lest you miss a delightful snippet.

The critical success of the Emmy-winning show is due in no small part to the casting choices; Freeman is solid in his supporting role but Cumberbatch absolutely steals the show with his barbed quips and undeniable intrigue.

Coincidentally, Benedict is the craziest and most unexplained celebrity crush I have had to date. I am not alone in this however, as those cheekbones have earned him a cult fan following who proudly declare themselves to be ‘Cumberbitches’. Sign me up.

Orange Is The New Black
Bad Girls and Prison Break, take note; this is how to do prison drama. Orange Is the New Black began as an original series for Netflix and has since become a runaway success. The popular show is the definition of sassy and injects the right amount of humour to soften the gritty reality of life in Litchfield Prison.

Most of us have a favourite TV character but with OITNB it is impossible to pick just one. Creator Jenji Kohan has blessed us with an unusually large and diverse cast, weaving a backstory for each inmate with every episode. The script is outrageous and breaks the mould for television by creating a female dominated world where lesbians rule and men are rendered useless.

One tiny disadvantage is the Netflix curse; you wait months upon end for your show to return only to binge watch an entire series in two days. Season 3 is currently scheduled for June 2015 which is almost cruel. Any pictures I see of the actresses at awards shows makes me want to scream out ‘Stop partying, get back to work!’ Netflix is the new heroin.