October 6, 2015

Netflix and …Chill?

At the risk of sounding far more mature than my 24 years, it seems to me that staying in really is the new going out. Bar the bi-annual nightclub appointment, most of my Friday and Saturday nights are spent in front of the television. My excuses include: I work weekends. S.O. is away gigging with the band so I have no-one to go out with. X Factor is on.
The real reasons: I am lazy. I don’t want to talk to other humans. I don’t want to put on a bra.

The Netflix era has well and truly been established. From House of Cards to Narcos (the new Breaking Bad), the online provider has lured us in with its seductive array of shows to gorge ourselves on. It all fits in quite nicely with our need for speed and sheer refusal to wait until next week’s showing of our favourite programme. We binge at an alarming rate, gathering a fine collection of crumbs on our double chins and relishing the ability to literally not lift a finger as the streaming service automatically skips to the next episode. Whoever came up with that gem must be the same type of evil genius that places treat-size goodies at the till counter.

Long gone is the crippling agony of waiting for online free sites that cut out halfway through a massive shoot scene… WHO KILLED WHO?!
Is this the future of television? After all, we are no longer impressed by live pause and recording shows from our mobile phones. We want it all and we want it now.

Dinner and a movie once meant a nice restaurant and a cinema jaunt. It now consists of a takeaway pizza and the latest offering from our streaming companion. An invitation to come over, watch Netflix, and chill must be treated with extreme caution, unless you are a fan of the glorified booty call. The online catalogue has attached an allure to something so simple, so it doesn’t sound creepy as feck when the lad you just met on Tinder invites you over to his parents’ house to merely sit on the couch. Oh he wants to Netflix and chill? How appealing!

With a largely youthful following, one might wonder if this television revival will indeed be the death of pre-drinking and club-hopping. Will your twenties be spent slouched on your recliner instead of a bar stool? Are you now more likely to overdose on Kinder Bueno than cocktails? Probably not because you still have a life but for me, Netflix is the DJ and the couch is my dancefloor.

Next episode playing in 3 seconds…

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