August 12, 2016

Licence To Kill: Parental Guidance

Welcome back to my ongoing tale of woe, dear friends. If you have not been following, I am have been in an on/off relationship with my provisional driving licence for about a year now. As I am currently living at home, the option of driving the maternal car arose. A thirteen year old car with […]


July 28, 2016

25 Going On 15: Return of the BraceFace

You know that sense of déjà vu you sometimes get? It might be the scent of aftershave that wafts through your nostril and emanates through your very core, reminding you of some intangible memory from your past. Or it might be the dentist ramming a hunk of cold putty into your gob to make your […]


July 2, 2016

25 Going On 15: Adjustment

Last month, I turned 25. I had a job, an apartment and a social life. Now, I am unemployed, living with my parents and watching more than one episode of Tipping Point a day. Yesterday, the only item on my to-do list was paint my toenails. Welcome to the millennial lifestyle. As I unpacked my […]


February 15, 2016

Period Club

Macho guys and squeamish girls, look away now. I’m talking about something that happens once a month to half of the population and yet I still feel like I’m a member of some twisted secret society. First rule of Period Club: Do not talk about Period Club. We are essentially bleeding for a quarter of […]


January 7, 2016

Paws on Earth

There comes a time in your young adult life when you realise what the important things are. You begin to envision your future and who might be play the integral roles in your potential family. You feel your biological clock ticking and you wonder if you might be ready to take the next step. Could […]


December 15, 2015

‘Sorry, I Have a Boyfriend’

The season of socialising is upon us and we are once again lured into an intoxicating scene of boozing and nightclub hopping. The essence of an Irish Christmas, after all, is a drunken sing-song in a smoking area. On a serious note however, for young women, the yuletide period can be troublesome and potentially dangerous. […]


December 8, 2015

‘Tis the Season to be Jiggly

If one more person talks to me about getting into shape for Christmas, I shall scream. For the entire span of November and December, we seem to have a ticking countdown clock to The Big Day where all our hard work will have culminated into a sleek physique in a sexy Christmas cardigan. Crash course […]


December 1, 2015

Licence to Kill: Insuring the Uninsurable

So, fellow drivers, it’s been a while. Almost five months to the day, in fact, that I embarked on my very first driving lesson. Eleven hours later, I am currently one away from completing my Essential Driver Training course. Which of course means that I am quite the accomplished driver and the practical test will […]


November 24, 2015

I Hate Romance

Week 3. The hatred continues to bubble in my cauldron of contempt. While you may have thought I had run out of steam, I shall renounce yet another girly attribute that has been unfairly foisted onto womankind: romance. To be clear, I am not exactly flinging eggs at young couples on the street. I am […]


November 17, 2015

I Hate Cooking

Following on from last week’s rant, I’d like to tackle another assumption that is widely believed about the female population. I hereby debunk the theory that all women love to cook. We’ve come a long way since the Stepford wife stereotype that we all love to don an apron and whip up a meal for […]

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