September 23, 2014


Hurrah, the iPhone 6 has finally been released! And it’s only €700, what an absolute steal! And I can get an absurdly sized larger model for a mere extra €100?! Apple, you are really spoiling us.

If you haven’t already detected the sarcasm, it may be because you are blinded by the shiny new toy that has been dangled in front of your hungry eyes. In a world where all the magpies have united, I am desperate to know; am I the only one not craving this new revolution in technology? Correct me if I’m wrong but, it is still just a phone, yes?

It is 2014, and although there are no flying hovercrafts as predicted by past film scripts, we do still live in a crazily advanced society. We have an ocean of information available at our fingertips and can do almost anything at the click of a button. Long gone are the days of dial-up connections and the yells of ‘Get off Bebo, I’m trying to use the phone!’ So spoiled are we in fact, that we fume at the situations where we must wait an extra few seconds to access the absolutely vital video clip of a baby tasting a lemon on YouTube.

We can go on a shopping spree, make a reservation at a restaurant and even choose potential life partners, all without even a sniff of contact from another human being. How far is too far? Social media these days almost makes a mockery of the word itself. How ‘social’ is it to have over 1,000 friends on Facebook and not give a toss for the vast majority of them? This is just a general guideline; if you wouldn’t say hello to these people on the street, they shouldn’t be up to date on every detail of your recent trip to Lanzarote.

I’m not sure at which point we lost the ability to be amazed by the latest technological breakthrough, rather than be expectant of it. We have become so inundated with gizmos and gadgets that we have become numb to true wonders of science. Lads, I’m still amazed that I can ring my friend in Canada and hear her voice as clear as a bell (at low traffic periods, of course). And cameras! Devices that capture real life and reproduce it instantaneously?! What more do we want?!

Do not mistake me for an advocate of the Amish lifestyle; my iPod is my most prized possession and I am glued to my mobile phone on a daily basis. The difference is that I just paid €80 for mine and call me mental, but this one has survived numerous falls in the past year, which is more than I can say for the inexcusably fragile iPhone screen. Seriously? €700 and you can’t incorporate a few Nokia-like re-enforcements? Are you really willing to invest that much money in something that will inevitably just turn you into a thief magnet?

Although perhaps I am just cheap, or so clumsy that any relatively expensive item repels my very being. Maybe it’s not you, Apple. It’s me.