August 26, 2014

The Ice Age

Beginning to tire of the phrase ‘Thanks for the nomination’? I have just the thing! An article talking about the thing that everyone is talking about. I attempted to procrastinate while writing about the Ice Bucket Challenge but it was kind of hard when it dominated every item on my News Feed.

So, another viral phenomenon is upon us, and it has taken the world by storm in a way that no-one could have foreseen. To date, the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association has raised over €900,000, while the American ALS Association recently posted figures of a whopping $88.5 million; and it is only getting bigger.

Thanks to the Twitter era and our easy access to celebrity lifestyle, we have witnessed the stars jump on the bandwagon and turn the grassroots idea into a global sensation. From Katie Price to George Bush, it seems that everyone is throwing buckets of ice over their heads. Lady Gaga is my personal favourite to date.

It seems that the Irish population have added a serious comedic factor to many challenges, with an array of technophobe mammies and over eager nominees. If you haven’t yet seen Teresina Bell take a major knock in the name of charity, have a look:

True to form, with every perceived good deed comes the naysayers who slate it for every reason they can. Charlie Sheen refused to partake in the actual dousing but still donated a remarkable sum to ALS. Others, like Aussie reporter Lincoln Humphries, have criticised the central focus on a particular cause and the futility of people freezing for our amusement.

While he has a point, it seems somewhat negative to attack something that has managed to captivate so many people and raise so much for charity. Humphries reminds us that funds could be directed to various cancer organisations, as the disease affects every person in some way. What he is forgetting however, is that many people were, and still are, unknowledgeable when it comes to the actual facts about Motor Neurone Disease. Any awareness created amongst the general public is a triumph, and any funds generated are a bonus. The Irish Cancer Society benefitted greatly from the No Make Up Selfie craze earlier this year; why not share the love?

Furthermore, it seems pretty harmless and immune to potential tragedy, unlike the ridiculous NekNominations that claimed more than one young life as a result. Yes, it is silly to pour a bucket of water over your head, but it is clearly something that intrigues people. And isn’t it better than downing a dangerous concoction of tequila and Toilet Duck to impress your friends?

So to all the Negative Nigels out there, I’d just like to say relax, it will all be over soon. Media is overridden with horrific images of war and suffering at the moment, let’s enjoy the tomfoolery while we can. And also, this glorious video of a little girl cursing her icy shower: