May 26, 2015

The Weaker Sex?

Self-defence. Hands up who thinks this should have been a module in P.E. instead of lap-running? There would have been fewer sick notes and complaints about cramps if this was on the curriculum.

Women are usually classed as the fairer or weaker sex, pigeon-holing them into a category where they exist only to look pretty or play the role of damsel in distress.

Speaking personally, I think my disinclination to bring out the big guns makes me a target for a combatant male. For this reason, I have been taking self-defence classes for the past four weeks. One of the hugely important messages I have already gained from this course is that you should not be afraid to fight fire with fire; if someone is intending to harm or take advantage of you, they are the aggressor. They have no problem hurting you so you should feel entitled to hurt them back. Your body is yours and you have to protect it.

Just in case, here are some helpful points to remember:

> If walking alone at night, do not listen to your i-Pod or wear your hood up. It impairs your senses, making you a sitting duck for an attacker. Having your hair in a ponytail also makes you easier to grab a hold of.

> If grabbed from behind, rap your knuckles repeatedly on the space between their knuckles and lower finger. Try it, it’s painful and might hurt them enough to let go.

> If grabbed by the throat, dig your thumbs as far into their eye sockets as possible. While their head is back, punch them fast into the throat and while they are disarmed, knee them as hard as you can into the groin.

> If pushed to the ground in a potential rape position, do your best to turn on your side so one leg is freed. With all your strength, use the heel of your foot to kick the opponent full force in the face.

Research techniques and practise them (with extreme caution) on your friends. While it is important to trust your instincts and be prepared for sudden attacks, be careful not to punch SO in the stomach for jumping out from behind a door.

If in doubt, aim for the groin. Always aim for the groin.